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Two Ways to Read?

I think there are some interesting things in this piece by Zat Rana:

My immediate problem as a classroom teacher is, “How do I, as a teacher, teach a proper way of reading as to produce life-long-learning?” it's a Catch-22 (to use a literary reference). For a student, books are assigned, they are not necessarily to be enjoyed, much less savored. I wish to not crush reading for the youth where they shriek on their way out the door, "I am graduating and will never have to read another book again!"

I must admit though that I have had the pleasure in my career of hearing a sentence said from one student to another. The sentence was said spontaneously and purely. I have overheard it on more than one occasion. I had no idea what the hearing of it would make me feel. I was elated! The sentence is usually said in a whisper, as if saying aloud would ruin its magic. As if admitting to it in public in front of one’s peers would take away its specialness. Here it is, "You know, this is actually a really…good…book."

At those moments I felt I had somehow done the author proud and had presented his/her work in a light and understanding that allowed my students to open their lives to it just enough to see it worth shine forth on its own. That it touched their hearts and minds in only a way a well-written work can do.

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