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Writing from my past

I was reminded, so I looked and then found one of my old pieces published in The Chalcedon Report back in 2002. I remember that I was responding to a negative opinion piece about the infamous Harry Potter. I used to get lots of questions about that series.

Here is my original piece:

I remember one of my readers commenting about Gandalf and that if I had read The Silmarillion I would know that Gandalf was really an angel (a created being) and he did not "grow up" from childhood. I barely got through the Lord of the Rings trilogy much less that book!

Also, since then the Harry Potter series has ended, all the movies have been made, and no one is flying around on broomsticks. Although, there is ironically Quidditch leagues around the globe. Go figure.

Lastly, I spend a little time on this in my book but Harry has some similarity to being a messiah-like figure. He is baptized into Hogwarts in book one and in the end has a death and resurrection experience through battling evil.

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