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"Troy Kinney offers a very helpful, practical and entertaining guide for watching movies, indeed watching all stories in a discerning way. He explains the basics of filmmaking for the layman in a simple easy-to-understand way that will expand your appreciation of movies and TV like never before! I loved his simplicity and clarity, and especially his creative use of online movie clips for real world examples to learn from. This guy knows what he is talking about." 

Brian Godawa, 
Screenwriter and Best-selling author, 

Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films With Wisdom and Discernment


"...If you're a visual learner like me (or if you just like watching movies, also like me), good news: there are lots of video clips throughout the book that the author uses to illustrate what he's talking about. And wow, does he pick good movie clips. For most of the clips, I'd either seen the movie and already love it, or was so intrigued by the clip that I now want to see it. Got a long watch list after reading this book."

Erin Kahn


"...Troy Kinney writes about the various elements of film (lighting, sound, camera, editing, etc.) he then provides a number of examples through the use of the QR codes. It's like having an expert film reviewer show you the elements of film in actual time. I found this use of QR codes to be effective and infectious--I kept turning the page wanting to see "just a few more" snippets!"

Richard Klaus

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