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A Quiet Place - The Big Ask

No spoilers from me.

This time.

The effect of this movie is interesting. It's quiet. It is literally a quiet film. Especially the beginning. It causes a strange disruption on the viewers.

Usually, when a movie begins, folks are rustling around, getting situated and making noise and this may continue for the duration. Movies are generally loud and take full advantage of the high priced sound systems they support.

This movie begins suddenly, a black screen and a Day's number in white. Then there is no sound or very little. There is no theme music, no background music, it is quiet. It calls to you in its quietness. The big ask is for everyone to be quiet too. Everyone! Most folks get it right away, the theater gets fairly quiet quickly. All except that one guy up in front who is still on his phone, that couple to the right that are dividing their Junior Mints and that man two rows back loudly munching and crunching his popcorn. Then they feel it too; an unspoken BE QUIET!!! It is loud in its silence.

And then...

everyone stops and the tension continues to build... Your reward for listening and watching will be worth it. If you plan on seeing this film, go see it in a theater.

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