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Double Dates

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Once again, I have entered a writing contest. This time the challenge is to write a very, very short story. It's a MICRO-FICTION challenge, 100-Words or Less.

I was assigned to a group (17) and was given these three things:

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Action: Driving a Car

Must use word: Bother

Here is my 100 word story "Double Dates", enjoy.


“I think… I’m allergic… dates.”


“Something wrong. My tummy.” He gritted.

Far back, roadside farm, DATE SHAKES.

Her hand.

“Don’t bother me.” His body contracted. Fetal position.

Bill looked back smiling, holding the wheel, “Everything okay?”

“Faster. Need. Bathroom.” Sweating.

Something creeped past her nose. “Bill, faster!” Some date!

Convenience store driveway. Car bouncing.

Every muscle tightened.


Sloshing. “Find restroom.”

Bill bolted. Returned, “In, to the right.”

Unclenched. “I can’t.”

“You have to.” Bill looked to both women, the seat. “Try.”

Jon reached for the car door straining, standing, hunched.

A squeak, a groan.

He didn’t make it.


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