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Avengers Endgame

Max and I went to see Avengers: Endgame and really enjoyed it. This kid is a lot of fun to watch a movie like this with. He gets excited during the exciting scenes and almost comes out of his chair and cheers at all the right spots.

If you love superhero moves and The Avengers particularly, then it is a must see. It has it all, great humor, camaraderie, heart-touching moments, and big battles.

I must say I have been having some fun on social media with a fake spoiler/leaked scene. I think people are afraid of clicking on it but it is safe and really has nothing to do with the Avengers. It's just poking fun at a common trope in hero movies. A trope that is used in the Avengers: EG trailer.

Check it out: (I mean if you want to laugh)

I sit here contemplating the the most anticipated movie of the decade and here I found a leaked scene...sort of.

It's safe, I promise. And it's hilarious!!!

(You gotta click the link above, the pic is just a capture from the trailer.)

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