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Poem: I Scream Social

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

In 1949 George Orwell was wrong.

Not about his title but he missed entitlement

We aren’t afraid of screens watching us

We are afraid they are not

Fear does not acquire the most compliance or power

It is a brave new culture

Happiness does it just fine

(a discovery Sully makes scaring Boo)

Friends are mere faces scrolling past in digital pictures,

Filtered, of course, Thumb up

Snap, some kids in the sprinklers (heart),

ice cream cone stacked, drippy (like),

and a pile of laundry (sad).

Me, me, meme.

Want to get things stirred up?

Mention politics, the environment, your child’s teacher

(angry face).

There is

No Big Brother peering over your shoulder

He is your digital self, easing into another shot, smile.

No Diana Moon Glampers with an army of handicappers coming

Click, pause, and scroll

All your info is being tallied, chewed and digested,

It is how we show our devotion to our patriarch

Reigning over all there is to know

He sits at the far end of the table

As we feed him with our consumption,

his waste getting bigger.

Measured in output,

in Swift’s term, excrement.

Loosen up the belt oh father

Praise be to Big Data.

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