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The Invitation (2015) Thriller/Horror R

Currently streaming on Netflix.

This was a creepy little venture. A group of friends are invited to a dinner party in the swanky hills of Hollywood. The movie follows Will, the ex-husband of Eden. Eden is hosting the party with her new husband. Apparently, back when Eden and Will were married there was a horrible accident in which everyone invited was a witness. The party is awkward and strange as the friends try to get reacquainted.

Will is continually suspicious of his ex-wife and new husband’s motives, actions and of the new faces that attend this event.

What is the dinner invitation all about? Where is Choi? What about that red lantern? Why does Pruitt seem to act so strangely? I mean he is creepy.

The movie slowly builds up the tension and it does end with a bang.

Questions that this movie raises: How does a family deal with a truly traumatic event? Who is at fault? How does an individual forgive? What if forgiveness seems unreachable? What if a person's "truth" is not truth?

The Invitation (2015) is rated R for violence. language and brief nudity.

Incidentally, as I looked into this film, I encountered a similar film simply called Invitation (2003) which looks like a straight to video project. I have not seen it but the plot line looked quite similar:

“Fifteen years ago, a group of young friends were playing a game of baseball. [A] pitch is slammed over the fence, into the road...a truck speeding toward [one kid, who is] killed on impact. PRESENT DAY- The members of the old gang all receive mysterious invitations to reunite at an old lodge. Thinking one of the group [members] must have some "big announcement", they all arrive at the lodge. [Then] the group learns about the lodge and the real reason why they were "invited”… —Anonymous”

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