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  • Troy Kinney
    Dec 7, 2018

    Even though it seemed that there was little data to drive the implementation of Common Core, big money folks like Bill Gates along with many elected and appointed officials, as well as educational experts were all more than willing to jump on the CC train. They all appeared to have romantic notions that their progressive ideas would change the face of education in America. I am attaching some recent articles addressing the issue. Math Readiness Drops to 14-Year Low among US High School Graduates, According to ACT 2018 Report Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment was a Failure Gates admits Common Core failure, then doubles down on it Bill Gates- Our education efforts are evolving
  • Troy Kinney
    Apr 18, 2018

    Why do modern movie-makers seem to want to play it safe when it comes to film scores?
  • Troy Kinney
    Apr 3, 2018

    Brian Godawa has some interesting movie reviews and other stuff about film. I found his book very insightful:

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